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Individual Coaching / House and Studio Visits

Individual coachings or private appointments can be booked if, for discretionary or personal reasons, the attendance of a seminar with several participants is not desired or if a booking on the dates offered for various reasons is generally not possible.

All seminars are also available in English, so that in case of language barriers also a single coaching (or with several participants, friends, colleagues, etc.) is possible. The fee for this consists of the cost contribution for the seminars or the workshops and an additional charge for individual bookings.

Private individuals can also book me in their familiar environment at home or elsewhere, tailored to the prevailing circumstances and their own personal desires, in order to design their SM encounters individually. Under my guidance, and considering the existing space, uncertainties can be compensated for, questions clarified and new things learned.

Studio owners can book me in their studio in accordance with the demand of their ladies. Based on your furnishings, corresponding to the existing domestic atmosphere and equipment, I offer you on-site the various training services.

For all questions about costs and appointments, please contact me by phone via +49 (0) 1520 98 93 894 or via e-mail request.

I cordially invite you to learn new practices in a well-kept, relaxed atmosphere, but I would like to point out that the coaching sessions are not game parties. The visits to the private area of my clientele are to be understood as lessons with factual background. When visiting a studio, a proband should be on site, but the coaching itself should not be part of a session.