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Beyond the private sphere, I have been dominating the Stuttgart scene for more than ten years, mostly at Studio Centric. This is where my passion developed to indoctrinate, educate and continually train mistresses and bizarre ladies as well as interested people from the private sector in SM theory and practice, contributing to the realization of their own ideas.

For some years now, I have made it my mission to accompany SM enthusiastic ladies of the Studio Centric at various points along their way, helping them to close existing gaps in knowledge or shaping young dominatrices from the first hour. This means that diverse people with varying levels of knowledge can be picked up and supported exactly where they need guidance and competence. To answer questions with pleasure and passion, to face challenges again and again, to reach the SM soul of the learning lady and to awaken her hidden desires – those aims and accomplishments are truly at the heart of my philisophy.

Guest appearances in some studios have also led me to the Studio Elegance in Munich, where it is a true pleasure to offer some of my courses there as well.

For me, it is a truly joyful pursuit to share my many years of experience, giving SM-inclined people an entry into this special domain. Far away from stereotypes of living your own SM and „on safe ground“: To convey this, to pass it on to you, enabling you to intensify your own passions and pleasure while providing you with solid craftsmanship, that is my wish.

Increased inquiries from the private SM area as well as Germany-wide interest of potential dominatrices and bizarre ladies finally inspired me to found the SM Academy. Here, I have the opportunity to offer workshops, day seminars and comprehensive dominatrix training over several days. For individual participants, probands are available for the practical portions, so that what has been learned can be implemented directly.