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The four-day seminar

teaches you the necessary practical techniques, of course, but it also includes a theoretical component addressing the topics of business development, advertising and dealing with guests to obtain long-term success.

The Day Seminars

are each individually and independently bookable. They are aimed at private and professional ladies, gentlemen and couples who are looking for specific training and/or who are seeking to close existing knowledge gaps with respect to the various topics covered.

The clinic seminars consist of two parts, each of which can be booked independently of the other, comprising 1.5 and 3 hours respectively:

In these two seminars, you will learn how to create a medical atmosphere and how to work sterile in the "white area". For beginners in the clinic area, Part 1 Klinik I is the ideal entry point.

I warmly invite you to learn new practices in a well-kept, relaxed atmosphere, but I would like to point out that the workshops are not game parties. The visits to the private area of my clientele are to be understood as lessons with a factual background. When visiting a studio, a subject should indeed be on site, However, the workshop itself should not be part of a session.

The contents of and target groups for the individual seminars can be viewed under the respective links. The event dates can be found under Event Dates.

Probands may be called into the workshops should their own play partners not be available.