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Clinic I

The clinic seminars can be booked both privately by dominant women and couples as well as by professional women, for example, when the interests extend beyond the black area and are driven by a desire for the special ambience of a clinical setting. Does the thrill of a gynecological chair keep you on the edge of your seat? Do you enjoy the erotic appeal of dental treatment techniques which let you grit your teeth and bear it? Would you love to relish in physical examination games and clinical role-playing, all while experiencing a medically authentic environment characterized by technical terms and clinical, sterile sophistication? If yes is your answer, then you should not hesitate to book an appointment with us.

In Clinic I, the focus of the seminar is on the following aspects:

  • How do I conduct a doctor / patient interview in role play?
  • The experienced doctor, the competent specialist staff and their appearance.
  • The surgical simulation.
  • What do the whole body examinations, including anal as well as genital examinations in detail, actually encompass? And how do I engage in it?
  • Dental examination including gagging and mouth spreader.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness, sterile work.

In this seminar, you will acquire the knowledge to create a clinical atmosphere, to act as a doctor / bizarre doctor / nurse * and to provide medical care to your patients. Various role-playing games give you an insight into the white area and into the medical eloquence which, when used with confidence, intensifies every clinic session. Being able to comprehend sterile procedures and medical approaches is an absolute must, especially in the realm of surgical simulations and examinations, in order to give the play partner a true hospital feeling.

In Clinic II, all medical varieties will be taught and demonstrated by using probands


* The titles „doctor“, „bizarre doctor“ and „nurse“ in this context are purely fictitious titles. and are not intended to suggest that the persons using these titles are qualified to provide actual medical care.