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Clinic II

The clinic seminars can be booked both privately by dominant women and couples as well as by professional women who want to use medical instruments properly on their patients and who, in addition to the pleasurable clinical game, are responsible for their game partner.

You will learn how to master the various medical practices safely and how to manage the clinical inventory. Risks and dangers in the clinical area are explained, and the use of disposable items, disinfection techniques and sterilization methods are demonstrated.

The second part of the clinic seminars focuses on learning the following practices:

  • Safe and sterile handling of needles in the male genital and nipple area
  • The sterile placement of a catheter in men
  • Spraying the scrotum
  • Use of dilators
  • Safe handling, sterile work, dangers and risks in the clinical area
  • Safe disposal of used material

Whereas the focus in Clinic I was on the development of a clinical scenario, the focus here is now on the safe and often sterile handling of the individual techniques. Probands can be involved in this workshop if their own play partners are not available.