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Dominance III

In this seminar, the focus is on learning smaller, but safer rope bondages as well as fixations with foil for private and professional use. With the basic knot and the basics of a rope bondage, you will learn how to tie up your playing partner quickly and effectively with so-called "work-bondages".

  • How do I fix my partner's hands and feet with ropes?
  • How do I fix my playing partner sitting, lying, standing?
  • How do I fix my playing partner with ropes on furniture?

The focus is on rope as well as foil bondages in the various positions, enabling you to fix the playing partner in a multifaceted manner up to and including mummification within a session. In addition, you acquire sound knowledge in order to prevent damage to health by fixations.

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in lustful rope bondage for the private domestic use, there is a suitable workshop here: Lustful Rope Bondage

To grant you knowledge regarding SM basics and further practices, I offer the seminars Dominance I and Dominance II. For professional business development, I also offer the seminar Dominance IV.

Seminars I to IV can also be booked together as complete Dominatrix Training programm.