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Heavy Rubber

Heavy Rubber appeals to private and professional women as well as private couples who have already acquired initial experience in latex area and wish to expand upon this area of interest. Moreover, it is aimed at women who work in studios with a larger range of latex items and want to offer sessions in rubber, even over a longer period, and it also targets private rubber lovers who are keen on living out their rubber passions.

The seminar includes:

being able to design sessions with rubber lovers lasting several hours. This requires a basic understanding of the material. To do this, you will learn how to use the following equipment in a relaxed sequence which enables you to gain the required experience and sophistication.

How do I use and combine items, as indicated below, on the guest / partner:

  • Full body suits
  • Gloves and footlets
  • Various types of masks (system, inflatable, clinic and gas masks)
  • Different types of gags
  • Bondage bags and jackets
  • Inflatable bags and vacuum bags
  • Vacuum cube
  • Full tubing
  • Multi-layer latex
  • Mummification or lacing of latex guests / partners

All questions concerning the usage and maintenance of latex items are addressed in this workshop. Mummification, immobility and tubing round off the game requests of many heavy rubber enthusiasts.

This day seminar takes place exclusively in the Studio Centric in Stuttgart and lasts six hours.

Probands can be involved in this seminar if one's own play partners are not available.