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The following workshops can be booked on the specified Saturday in Studio Centric in Stuttgart, in the Studio Elegance in Munich or at a selected on-site location, and they are each three hours in length.

In the workshops, I teach the accurate handling of the game partner both in theory and in practice, and I also demonstrate the potential dangers and risks. Different techniques with various types of equipment are utilized. The contents of and target groups for the individual workshops can be viewed under the respective links. The event dates can be found under Event Dates.

I warmly invite you to learn new practices in a well-kept, relaxed atmosphere, but I would like to point out that the workshops are not game parties. The visits to the private area of my clientele are to be understood as lessons with a factual background. When visiting a studio, a subject should indeed be on site, However, the workshop itself should not be part of a session.

Probands may be called into the workshops should their own play partners not be available.