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This workshop takes place on demand in Studio Centric in Stuttgart, in Munich or as individual coaching on site at your place. It is bookable by private couples and dominant ladies in private or professional domains.

The aim of this workshop is to teach a responsible approach in order to stimulate the game partner with electricity in a session as well as to point out risks and dangers in a power treatment.

  • Which electrode types are used for which purpose?
  • How does tormenting electrical stimulation become erotic?
  • How do I use electricity for punishment, and how do I increases pleasure?
  • How do I link up the cables correctly, and how do I coordinate several cable?
  • Which bodily parts can be electrically stimualted, and how can I use electricity skillfully?

Pads, loops, power plugs, male genital cages, and power catheters (for the dom) are used here.

With the ET 312B, you can select a device that, with its targeted use and in combination with the right electrodes, turns any current experience into a shocking highlight. However, even without this device, other commercially available power devices that have an adjustable frequency and a pulse width can all lead to an exciting session. Therefore, other commercially available TENS devices are presented, such as e.g. the mystim.

Beyond the basic knowledge and the use of a TENS device, this workshop also yields an understanding of electrostimulation games in general, which also benefits every other device.

The ET 312B is now also available in Germany through Demask Dortmund.

Subjects may be consulted for this workshop should their own play partners not be available. An essential requirement for participation as a subject in this workshop is the absence of a pacemaker or an artificial heart valve, as well as metal implants in the genital and hip area. Piercings can get hot when the power is on, electrical stimulation felt at pierced areas of the body is rather undesirable.