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The Female Slave in the Thick of the Action

This workshop takes place on the specified date in Studio Centric in Stuttgart or at Studio Elegance in Munich as well as individual coaching on site at your place. He can only be booked by couples, dominant ladies or gentlemen accompanied by their slave.

At the center of this workshop is the treatment of the lady as a slave or a bizarre playmate.

Pain and pleasures felt in the genital area and nipple torture are often combinable and are frequently together. Enhancing the pleasures and pains arising from treatments in the genital and nipple areas requires detailed knowledge, inventiveness and imagination.

The aim of this workshop is to provide basic medical knowledge, to demonstrate various techniques and their accurate execution and to identify risks and dangers.

Contents of the workshop are:

  • Brackets and weights
  • Striking techniques
  • Stretching and fisting vaginal (with appropriate physical fitness)
  • Breast bondage
  • Wax / ice games
  • Dildo / plug games
  • Vacuum games in the genital area and / or on the chest (nipples)

For this workshop, no sub is available. A workshop can only be booked in the company of a lady.